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123-reg is a British domain registrar and web hosting company founded in 2000. The company claims to be the UK's largest accredited domain registrar and provides Internet services to small- and medium-sized business. From 2003 to 2017, 123-reg was part of Host Europe Group (HEG). In April 2017, American hosting company GoDaddy acquired HEG for 1.69 billion euros ($1.82 billion).

Michael shares his frustrating experience on whoishostingthis.com, "I have been with 123-reg for around 10 years via a web designer who made me a website. I only wish I had the know-how to quit them and start with another company. I find their auto-renewal system to be made complicated, for the obvious reason of profit. Each year I find myself renewing items I have attempted to cancel (even called them to cancel) and they keep getting my money. Stay away from them, and don't listen to the good reviews here, they must be from employees/management. I'm going to put the effort into transferring to another company."


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Eve says

"Appalling & Dysfunctional Tried to cancel my subscription as they set up my account to AUTO RENEW. Most complex process ever trying to close an account, ignored emails and do not respond to DO NOT RENEW. They have taken money from my bank account 2 weeks before contract expires & I told them I do not want to renew, have now reported this as FRAUD to my bank. THEY DO NOT REPLY TO EMAILS as the email box is FULL. Complaints procedure is send a letter to a Postal address ???"

Sara says

"I recently registered a domain with 123 reg. Almost immediately I received daily spam calls from them. When you answer the line goes dead. Finally today there was an actual person on the line. They were so rude to me and cut me off mid sentence. Disgusting way to treat customers."

Amer Alghabban says

"The 365 Microsoft Business version provided by 123Reg is dysfunctional and instead of getting tiny support from 123Reg, all I am getting is repeat Copy & paste messages to the tickets raised saying it is to do with my PC. You do not know that because you have not even tried to call me back as you promised to even understand let alone resolve this mess. My life has been turned upside down because of this. I upgraded from the basic 365MS to the Business version and all the applications (eg WORD, etc) crash and never work. It is to do with the 32bit versus the 64 bit. Your promises that someone would call back have all been broken. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall it several times wasting hours of my work and simply it does not work. Can you imagine how this feels? Instead of just sending yet another Copy & Paste response, why not try to "genuinely" support your customers??"

Scott, West Sussex Classic Wedding Cars says

"I did not want their Domain Protection and began their procedure (extremely unwieldy and difficult) to remove it.
They took my money a week early from my Card.
Effectively the 2020 Account was 3 times the 2019 price."

Simon Wilkins says

"Two a penny - Support issues take forever and the replies are almost from a script.
It's like dealing with robots.
Raise an issue, wait a week for a limp apology.
Not untypical of other larger web domain providers.
Expensive compared to BeDot - where I've taken all of my business - a personal service offering value."

Robert says

"Just had £85 taken out of my bank account by 123 reg.

No invoice raised in my account for this.

No explanation as to why it has been taken out.

No reply from support for 24 hours.

If they haven't got back to me in the next 48 hours I am taking them to the small claims court .

Absolutely shocking that a company can just raid your bank account."

Barry K says

"Awful customer experience, I have 24 domains with then since 2012. Will be leaving them as they do not care about existing customers the man over the phone with name beginning with a C was awful, rude and sassy."

Filati1977 says

"Absolute horse $h!t. Unreliable. Can't receive emails from anyone. How are they still in business?
Stay clear of these scammers."

Amanda J Jones says

"Awful experience - domain names auto-renewed and so I called on the day to get the domains cancelled and refunded. Their antiquated system has meant I have spent over two weeks in an infinite loop of e-mails and telephone calls, sent them several forms of ID, reset domain name passwords etc etc and finally after 16 days of intense faffing about I have finally been refunded!! Worst customer service experience I have ever had - especially with their documents team who take no notice of what you are asking and just send you what they feel is their bit of information!! (For example, after each interaction with them I asked about the refund? Not one advisor ever commented back about the refund or the process I had to go through to get that refund!!)"

Paul maslen says

"A absolutely disgusting company! Called and called and called and called and emailed them to stop domain protection and still no refund as yet! They are a slippery outfit with zero morals! Don’t use them under any circumstances!"

Roger Chant says

"I have sent over 30 emails to stop 2 domain names I no longer require. As I inadvertently got DOP, Domain Ownership Protection I have been unable no matter how much I try to cancel DOP and the Domain names.
I am sent passwords that I copy and paste and type in by hand and either way I cannot get the 123-reg system to confirm. and I am told to use another browser. So I have used Google, Firefox, and IE and still no avail.I am beginning to think that this is a scam by 123-reg to take me past the renewal date so that I can be charged again. My advice to others would be do not get DOP with 123-reg."

Stell says

"Their mistake I paid twice wouldn't refund and more...
They sent me another hosting renewal email after I already renewed. Wouldn't refund me because it was after 30 days. I paid again thinking my last payment hadn't gone through. When I checked my account it was out of the 30 days. They would only credit my account with the money rather than refund. I used the money to buy more domains to use on my existing hosting package. 3 of the 5 sites on my hosting package had expired, I wanted to replace them. 123 reg said i had to buy more hosting and that once you've used a database that's it. I've been with 123 reg for years. Their service used to be great but now I'm appalled. I'm leaving this company as soon as possible. Give them a miss much better companies out there. Shoddy 'suck it up' attitude from customer service.

5th August, 2020
I have provided my contact details but I still haven't heard back yet."

Tim says

"Slow email servers and sour grapes when you get your domain transferred. They delete all your emails instead of allowing you to archive them even though it isn't tied to your domain anymore. Also no refunds for services not in use anymore."

Luke says

"I recently paid for their website builder service. A few days later I was checking my bank statements and saw that I'd been charged twice for the transaction.

I spoke with a customer service adviser who told me that this 'usually happens' and that 123 Reg would not be able to notify me if a double payment had been taken.

I was then told that my money could be refunded but my website would need to be deleted and closed down in order for the refund to be processed!"

Hammad Akbar says

"Post registration; the website dont:

1. Give you a choice to close your account in case you change your mind. You have to get in touch, and they will make you suffer, suffer and suffer until you just cant be asked anymore.

2. They will offer you cheap / free stuff in order for you to put your card details online. Post you adding your details, you are stuck. You can not delete your bank details or neither can you edit them. They are on their website for good for auto-renewals etc. They have deliberately made the control panel super confusing as well, so you can not know what you are subscribed for or what you will be charged for.

I have raised a ticket for their so called 24/7 service. No reply for a while now.

I am not even sure how this company is legally working with what they are doing."

Steve Smith says

"Just chatted to a support person at 123Reg called Razvan.

Most unhelpful and rude."

J Snow says

"Site is down.
tried calling 24 hour support to be told the lines are closed.
Potential loss in customer base..


Stephen Ashby says

"Doubled billed me, refusing to give me a refund as it's too late !!!

But apparently it's ok as I have 4 years renewed rather than 2 on my two domains.

I don't want 4 years as I'm trying to retire the domains.

Literal stolen my money !"

Carl Dent says

"Took money out of my account even though I cancelled my service with them. Can't get through to them unless I stay on hold for 30mins+ Emailed them but as usual nobody has got back to me. Stay away from this company. Complete scam"

Iain says

"In the past week, have spoken to their helpline 5 times about my outgoing 123 Reg email accounts not working properly. Every time they suggest a different solution - often involving buying more from them. Now, after being told yesterday at lunch time, it would be fixed within 30 mins, and again yesterday afternoon it would be fixed within a few hours, it's now Saturday morning and I'm now told it won't be fixed until Monday at the earliest. In short, their helpline and service is shambolic. They are at least friendly, but that doesn't help getting my mails sent to my customers, family or friends.
Update - it's now Thursday and my main email account is still not migrated across properly and can't receive any emails....
6 days to migrate one email account is ludicrous."

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